you are familiar with these terms, I trust

Okay, so if you’re like me (and in my blogging persona, I’m just as certain as Morrissey of the source of the sun’s light – that is to say: who reading this isn’t like me, at least in respect of what I’m writing about, or why are you here?), you figure that any writer as clearly proficient and literate as Dan Bejar of Destroyer (and “secret member” of the New Pornographers) must surely be conveying some wondrous something with his witty and allusive lyrical gems. Right? Yet no matter how often you pore over those lyric sheets (or, for the recordings without them, play over and over individual lines to parse out those curious quivering syllables), perhaps, you find, you just can’t figure out what the what is the what.

Now, there’s help. And not just help, but help that encourages drunkenness (surely one of the better kinds of help around), courtesy of Zoilus, who’s compiled this wonderful Destroyer Drinking Game. What’s really brilliant about this game is it essentially amounts to a list of ingredients toward a critical understanding of Bejar’s preoccupations, the character of the scenes he sets and describes – and ultimately (before the alcohol takes hold, in a dry run, shall we say) provides as good an exegetical context of BejarWorld as we’re likely to find. (Don’t neglect the essay dressed as a review of Destroyer’s Rubies that precedes the drinking game: some fine stuff there!)



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2 responses to “you are familiar with these terms, I trust

  1. Michael Walton

    2 points..first, you never

  2. 2fs

    Wow – that’s even more cryptic than Bejar’s lyrics. C’mon back and fill in the blanks there…

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