a) Is there any symbol cooler than the biohazard symbol? I think not.

b) What do T-Bone Burnett’s The Criminal Under My Hat and Blur’s Leisure have in common (other than – duh – being musical recordings…)? Both albums contain not just one but two songs that share titles with Beatle songs – but that are not those Beatle songs. Leisure features “Birthday” and “Come Together,” while the T-Bone Burnett album has “Every Little Thing” and “Any Time At All.” Are there any other albums that contain multiple non-Beatle Beatle titles?



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5 responses to “trivia!

  1. Anonymous

    I once tried, unsuccessfully, to convince my sister to get a tattoo of the biohazard symbol, to celebrate the end of her radiation therapy.


  2. Paula

    I am partial to the icon on many vending machines that expresses worldessly how hazardous it would be if the machine fell on you.

  3. 2fs

    That is a good one. Two others: the icon on electrical power boxes, with the guy leaping back from a couple of huge lightning-bolt-like spikes; and the “corrosive” symbol with little droplets eating away at the guy’s hand. Well, then there’s always the famous Lobster Typing Zone

  4. Phil

    Give me the finger-detachment warning on the blade-shield of a lawn-mower any day. I used to have nightmares about that as a child.

    Also the apartment I’ve moved into has little stickers by the window that depict a child pushing the screen out of the window, falling, because he leaned against it. Despite logic, I refuse to take it as anything other than a rude jab at Eric Clapton.

  5. 2fs

    Okay, these are all good…but the difference between them and the biohazard symbol is that they’re all representational, whereas part of the extreme awesomeness of the biohazard symbol is the combination of its symbolic aptness despite its abstraction. (Today’s “word verification” – odd name for something that’s never a word – is “audxr”…which is either some sort of audio codec or the new album by Autechre.)

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