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When is a cover not a cover? Well, here are two versions of the same song, both featuring the songwriter, Spencer Krug, in two different bands: Sunset Rubdown’s “I’ll Believe in Anything You’ll Believe in Anything,” and Wolf Parade, where the song is more snappily titled “I’ll Believe in Anything.”

Sometimes a cover is clearly a cover, even when it’s barely recognizable as such. Maxïmo Park’s take on John Lennon’s “Isolation” (from the band’s Missing Songs compilation of etceterage) keeps fooling me: it plays, I ask myself “which song is that?” and when I look, I keep being surprised that it was the Lennon cover – even though I know the Lennon song. (Yes, I pay about zero attention to lyrics, which would be the dead giveaway. For reference, here’s Lennon’s original.)

Sunset Rubdown “I’ll Believe in Anything You’ll Believe in Anything”
Wolf Parade “I’ll Believe in Anything”
Maxïmo Park “Isolation”
John Lennon “Isolation”


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  1. Paula

    How ’bout when Jorge Ben takes the lyrics to not just his best song but to the prettiest melody ever conceived of by man and inexplicably sets it to boring music on his next album?

    Well, that’s just nutty, I say!

    I’m talking about “Zumbi,” from this here record.

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