fish meets bicycle

Two songs that have nothing to do with one another.

In my random grabbing of CDs for the car, I picked up a disc from the Smithsonian folk music box set. This track, “A Wanton Trick” by Ed McCurdy (Milwaukee note: no relation to Pat I don’t think), should demonstrate that songs with dirty lyrics were not invented by hip-hoppers: this one was released in 1957 (and its lyrics are from the 18th century). The word “prick” is actually a musical term, of course. Not that it couldn’t mean anything else.

The other track is an apparently rare Swervedriver track, “It’s All Happening Now,” which was intended for release on Ejector Seat Reservation but never came out. Apparently it was available to members of the Swervedriver fan club for 7 minutes and 38 seconds and was then withdrawn. I found my copy on So(*coughcough*)ek, I think. Trivia: much of the lyric is borrowed from an obscure ’60s folk musician named Robert Zimmerman, who released a handful of albums on a tiny record company with red labels.

Okay, so apparently both of these are, like, folk songs or something.

Ed McCurdy “A Wanton Trick”
Swervedriver “It’s All Happening Now”


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