found art has a cool new feature in its charts area: under “albums,” it will display images of the album covers as an array of thumbnails. One of the cool things about this feature is unexpected visual rhymes, rhythms, and echoes that arise accidentally from the juxtaposition of covers in this array. This link to my current array will always display something slightly different from what’s there right now, of course – but right now, some cool things:

* the ladder from the Starlight Mints’ first CD reaching toward the ceiling of Tommy Keene’s Isolation Party above it

* the “hands” theme carrying from Spoon’s Kill the Moonlight to Fugazi’s The Argument (and echoed lower down by Clinic’s Winchester Cathedral, and again lower yet by Lilys’ Better Can’t Make You Better and the Negro Problem’s Welcome Black)

* the structural similarity between the Fall’s The Marshall Suite and Broadcast’s Work and Non-Work

* Freedy Johnston’s Can You Fly near the Catherine Wheel’s Chrome

At one point, Carpet Music’s Weekday was next to Pink Floyd’s Meddle: the concentric circles theme looked very nice in juxtaposition.

Go ahead – find your own!


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