yellow spider dream key

Last months some friends visiting from out of town brought along a Netflix disc which they used to confuse the return envelope (“Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility” – but it was addressed to California. Gotcha!). Probably that’s not why they brought it; more likely it was to enlighten us as to the confusing brilliance of the Paranoia Agent anime. Now, neither my friends nor Rose or I are anime fans – so this is probably, for anime fans, kinda like someone saying my god I heard this incredible band from somewhere in England that does this “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” song! – but I thought it was pretty cool. I lack the techno-axilocity to put up video excerpts; however, the theme song (curiously titled “Dream Island Obsessional Park,” which probably is Japanese for “all your base are belong to us,” to continue the “last century” theme of this post) is way cool, and I do know how to put those up. So shall I do, and indeed have done.

Because that song is Japanese, so are the other ones today. Once more into the Wayback Machine, dear friends, with The Spiders and their wacky wax pressing curiously titled “Furi Furi ’66.” Guess what year it’s from.

Fifteen years later, we encounter Yellow Magic Orchestra and their song “Key.” I like the sort of sparkly, clicky sound of the synths in this track. Incidentally, around this time YMO guy Yukihiro Takahashi was in a two-person band called The Beatniks that a friend of mine introduced to me in college – I remember really liking it, but not following up on it at all. I’d post a track but it’s on a ratty old cassette. Maybe some other day after I’ve digitamized it.

The Spiders “Furi Furi ’66”
Yellow Magic Orchestra “Key”
Susumu Hirasawa “Dream Island Obsessional Park (Paranoia Agent main title)”


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