Drink! For tomorrow we…wait, it’ll be Friday – we’ll drink!

For reasons that are surprisingly un-ego-driven, I recently Googled my own name. Along with the usual amusement about what all those impostors using my name are doing, I found that someone had eagle-eyedly spotted my entry about the discrepancy in reporting about Madison’s Halloween debacle last year. It’s an interesting article, from what appears to be the daily, online counterpart to Madison’s long-running alternative paper Isthmus. (Note: Madisonians, along with Istanbulians? Istanbulites? people who live in Istanbul are among the only people on the planet who can correctly spell the word “isthmus” without aid of a dictionary.) I think Kristian Knutsen (who really oughta be from Minnesota with a name like that) is probably correct in pointing out the difference in perspective from Madison papers versus Milwaukee papers (except, of course, if it turns out that the Journal-Sentinel‘s writer had graduated from UW Madison…).

On a somewhat-related note, fans of Futurama really ought to be amused at the following IRS form – wait, did I just use the phrase “amused at the following IRS form”? How often is that going to happen? Anyway, here it is (as a PDF file): Internal Revenue Service Form 6478 – Credit for Alcohol Used as Fuel.

Shouldn’t it be called “The Bender Credit”?

(Incidentally, the guy who voiced that character looks as if he’s fairly well-acquainted with the Old Fortran Malt Liquor himself…)



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2 responses to “Drink! For tomorrow we…wait, it’ll be Friday – we’ll drink!

  1. Tris McCall

    man, i do that every day, almost.

    but my reasons are ego driven!

  2. Matt


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