resident of peeve menagerie

Can someone explain to me why so many smokers don’t recognize the function of their cars’ ashtrays, and instead prefer to flick burning ashes out the windows of their cars so they can, say, land in the faces of drivers following who happen to have their car windows open? And is it related to the logic whereby people who would never think of tossing a soda can or candy wrapper on the ground nevertheless litter cigarette butts without a thought? A local grocery store (Koppa’s on Farwell) has posted a sign near its outdoor tables reminding smokers that, contrary to their apparent belief, there is no such creature as the Butt Gnome who comes along and magically vanishes cigarette butts.




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2 responses to “resident of peeve menagerie

  1. Tim Walters

    Probably the same sumbitches who spit out their gum on the sidewalk.

  2. velvet lane

    peeve menagerie

    heee. Excellent band name.

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