In Blogger one setting allows you to receive e-mail copies of any comments readers leave. That’s all very cool…but there’s no way to tell which entry the comment is addressing (when it’s not clear from context). So, for example, someone out there recently commented and mentioned Belle and Sebastian and linked to a choral version of a Kaiser Chiefs song…now, I’ve mentioned the Kaiser Chiefs only once (I think), but the comment isn’t replying to that entry. And I don’t know when I talked about Belle and Sebastian. So I’m totally context-free and confused on that comment. Oh well. (Anyway, thanks for the link…)

Silly Blogger!

Along the same lines: a public plea to please correctly label mp3 files! (I’m not absolutely perfect on this score…I think I missed one or two.) This is an entirely selfish request, as I am now trying to figure out where I got a particular track…



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3 responses to “hello?

  1. flasshe

    Blogger is teh s uck.

    ostuyw! ostuyw!

  2. Anonymous

    Where’s my damn pony^H^H^H^H horse song?

  3. 2fs

    Ah – now I get it: “anonymous” is either a teenage girl who wants a pony or someone familiar with my Last.fm page… At any rate: I have several songs regarding ponies and/or horses. Please be specific, and perhaps I can accommodate you… ;-) PS: What language is “^H^H^H^H”?

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