my hypothetical iPod’s idea of a good year in music

This is part two of my year-end wrap-up, in this case covering stray tracks that came my way, selections that aren’t from things I actually own. It will be much shorter than the other entry, in case you’re sitting in a hardbacked chair and are worried about the condition of your spine or something.

Songs from Recordings that Haven’t Been Released Yet

“Roommate” Don Dixon (demo): I can’t remember where this track came from, except that whoever directed me to it did so as a quiz of sorts: “guess who this is?” I failed – although I did know I knew him, and that his voice was maddeningly familiar. Anyway: a song that spent lots of time in my eardrums regardless of whether it was in the air.

“Are We Are” The Willis: The songwriter guy is a grad student in the department I work in. I don’t know him, but when some other folks mentioned the band’s website, I checked it out. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t just another half-assed amateur act that was someone’s buddy. Full-length Bathtub.Lightbulb.Heartattack due in January on Minneapolis’s Doubleplusgood Records. (By the way: Minneapolis and Milwaukee are not the same city. I’m just saying.)

Very Old Songs

“Dr. Root’s Garden” Chrysalis: Downloaded from the late, lamented Mystical Beast, which had a commendably broad notion of what made good music and was well-written as well. Okay, Liz Phair fans probably thought things were a bit too heavy on the snark (and I’d agree, at times), but the site will be missed. Anyway: this is a bit of proto-prog (check the odd vocal harmonies and organ interjections) from 1968. If I weren’t lazy, I’d go back to The Mystical Beast’s archives to find more info. But you can do that, and you’re not lazy (unless you are, in which case you won’t.)

“Sam” Bill Fay Group: Another track from 1968 (I think), and one whose subject, sadly, is all too contemporary.

Does Humor Belong in Music?

“Famous Last Words” 9353: Another Mystical Beast joint. “It’s okay… It’s not loaded… I’m a good driver… Don’t worry honey…” Cracks me up. I’m a sick bastard.

“Three Little Kittens” Ben Folds Laundry: [quiet announcer v.o.] We’ve secretly replaced Ben Folds with a clever, kid-friendly impostor who shouts ‘more pie!’ instead of ‘kiss my ass!’ Let’s see if anyone notices…” From a series of kiddified “covers” of popular (?) songs called Mother Goose Rocks.

Tired of Verse-Chorus-Verse?

“Codomatopeia” Kimono vs. Ghostigital (ft. Mark E. Smith): From the excellent Spoilt Victorian Child. Cod!

“An Animated Description of Mr. Maps” The Books: Talking drums.

The Ongoing Fuckup

“Portlandtown” A Hawk and a Hacksaw
“Dry Drunk Emperor” TV on the Radio

(Oh, and thanks to valis over at Art of the Mix for naming a recent CD mix of mine Mix of the Week. Too many “mix”es in that sentence…)



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3 responses to “my hypothetical iPod’s idea of a good year in music

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. “Famous Last Words”. That reaches back into the way-back. Good. Thanks.


  2. Sue

    Ahem. The Don Dixon track came from me and is from the forthcoming 125 Records release, THE ENTIRE COMBUSTIBLE WORLD IN ONE SMALL ROOM. Glad you liked it, though!

  3. 2fs

    D’oh! How could I forget that? Dock me one week’s pay in my ongoing “promoting 125” job…

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