Damn the internets! I’d love to give proper credit for my finding this wonderful comeback by David Cross to “Larry the Cable Guy”‘s ignorant rantings…but it ended up several links down from where I started, after which I wandered all over the place in some other tabs, so I completely don’t remember where I heard of it. Oh well – anyway, Cross makes Dan Whitney (the actual human behind the “Larry” shtick) look like a real jerk. Not hard, of course…


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One response to “Git-R-Dum

  1. raedizzle2006

    Yep, that thur Larry the Cable guy is a real dum-dum..ain’t he? I personally don’t despise rednecks as people (unless they really try to hurt me), but honestly many if not all of their “dum” mannerisms kinda bother me..why is that? I hate NASCAR (aka NASCRAP), don’t care a sh*t for their f*cking racist Confederate flag, and don’t even watch the Dukes of Hazzard or listen to country but once awhile. (The latter 2 things are, in light “doses”, ’bout as much “redneck immersion” I can tolerate LOL)

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