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Conspiracy Theory Time! Although I hadn’t heard the song for years, at three different commercial outlets, I’m hearing “This Christmas” (I think Donny Hathaway’s version) alla sudden. (More likely: these places are paying for the same music stream. What format do those thingies come in? Way back when, I remember a place I worked at had a tape that looked a little larger than an 8-track that played on a continuous loop of several hours.) Anyway, it’s a good song – I don’t have the Hathaway version – but wait! I do have a rare-ish cover by the Dismemberment Plan.

One of the more silly Christmas songs (yes, that’s today’s actual theme) is Elton John’s “Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’d Be a Turkey at Christmas” (incidentally, I’ve seen the title with parentheses around the Ho!s, parentheses around the last phrase, and no parentheses. As my copy (clears throat) lacks physical existence (although somewhere buried in my basement, I have it on an old cassette), I can’t verify. Anyway, this song is clearly a ’70s artifact…as evidenced by the EXTREMELY SUBTLE coke reference. I’m sure much nog and other holiday enhancers were consumed during the making of this recording.

The Dismemberment Plan “This Christmas”
Elton John “Ho! Ho! Ho! Who’d Be a Turkey at Christmas”


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