An interesting entry over at Antipopper exploring the nexus between gender and technology, with some insightful and amusing connections drawn therein… Scroll up to more recent entries, and the same writer has a powerful perspective (as an Australian of Asian descent educated in cultural theory and working in advertising) on the ugly racial-revanchist riots in Australia. Although Australia is, of course, geographically Asian/Polynesian, it has a long history of forcibly whitening itself, both in its treatment of its native population and in explicitly racist restrictions on immigration, which were restricted to white Europeans until recent decades. Australian cities are increasingly becoming what they are – Asian metropolises – but clearly (and similarly to large swathes of the U.S. returning to their historically Hispanic and Native populations) a lot of folks can’t handle that.

Relatedly, Antipopper’s site also has some interesting discussion on the recent British trend of dissing “chav” taste (working class style – which seems, interestingly, largely borrowed from black American trends and styles). Finally (to complete our mini-tour of international discussions about race and culture), here’s Momus discussing his perceptions of Japanese fascination with African(-American) culture. Be sure to read the comments as well.


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