This just in from ADS’s new age correspondent, Featherfate Starbelly:

Dude, check this out: I’m listening to Mike Oldfield’s Incantations, because I’m totally hip and into the modern, edgy music, and at one point, a female chorus repeats, over and over, the words “Diana, Luna, Lucina.” These are, as all new age seekers know, names of moon goddesses, and here’s a website [bad link – 10/24/10] that lists a particular Wiccan chant using these names. Right about this time, as I was listening, the music went into a new section, and the chorus sang a new word – “Lumen”! That’s the name of one of your cute, very moonly cats (Oranj is the other), I know, so I read further.

About halfway down the page I list above, there’s this:

“The full moon which occurs during the month of September is known as the Harvest Moon. Since olden times it has been believed to be the source of the greatest magickal power….

Artemis, Diana, Luna, Lucina,

By many names you have been known.

O Mother aspect of the triple goddess

This humble prayer I offer to thee.”

Then I checked your cats’ little webpage, and I noticed that the cats adopted you on September 20, 2002. What date was the Harvest Moon (September full moon – see above) that year? September 21, 2002 – so Lumen came home to you just in time to bless you on the Harvest Moon festival!

Whoa. I need another bong hit…



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